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Mitigating risks in international construction projects

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Construction Law

The field of construction is an industry in which there may be significant potential for growth, and new opportunities may arise in this area nearly every day. There may be many construction companies in New York that might work on numerous projects each year, some of which may even operate on an international level. Companies that are preparing to initiate international construction projects may have questions about the challenges they might face and how to create a strategy to help mitigate potential risks.

Possible concerns

There are numerous types of risks companies might face when preparing for international construction projects. Some examples of financial risks may include the challenges of accounting for foreign currency exchange rates and obtaining the proper currency for the needs of the project. Addressing the topic of taxes is another topic that may be an area of concern, as regulations for taxation may vary depending on the region and on whether the companies involved are domestic or foreign.

Market analysis is another factor that may prove more complex on an international level. It may also be necessary for construction companies to determine if they can operate out of a foreign office or if it may be necessary to establish a legal entity in another country. Studies state that addressing topics such as insurance requirements, employment laws, political factors, and contractual concerns may also be essential to mitigating risks in international construction endeavors.

Reducing risks

Companies that are preparing to initiate work on international construction projects and wish to take every possible measure to protect their interests could consider speaking with an attorney in the initial stages of the process. An attorney in New York can evaluate a client’s goals and concerns and help work toward creating a strategy that focuses on safeguarding the interests of the endeavor. Such advice may be integral to mitigating potential risks and helping a company approach each new international project with confidence.


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