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Construction disputes stemming from property damage

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Construction Law

Any type of property damage that occurs on the site of a construction project can create various types of challenges that may lead to costly delays in project schedules. With large-scale projects that involve various teams, similar issues could lead to intense disputes that may leave the parties involved pointing the finger of blame at others. Companies in New York that face similar types of construction disputes may find it helpful to seek advice on how best to pursue a resolution that best reflects the needs and interests of their endeavors. 

Property damage risks 

There may be numerous types of issues that could lead to property damage on any type of construction project, residential and commercial alike. Electrical malfunctions that stem from faulty or temporary wiring techniques are examples of issues that could act as fire hazards and a fire can cause substantial damage to a property. When job site tasks call for processes such as welding or cutting, ensuring that these tasks do not occur near flammable objects or materials may also be vital to mitigating property damage risks. 

Experts also indicate that water damage is also a prevalent concern in the construction industry. Should one party fail to address unfinished openings or fail to use proper waterproofing techniques, the fallout could prove disastrous. Lack of adequate drainage systems and improper plumbing measures are two more types of issues that might lead to a greater risk of water damage. 

Property damage disputes 

Property damage continues to be a leading cause of construction disputes and conflict over liability for such damages can prove a hotly contested matter. Construction companies that face such conflict and wish to take every possible measure to protect their interests might consider retaining the services of an attorney as soon as possible for advice on the next steps to take. An attorney can evaluate every aspect of the situation a client in New York is facing and help prepare a strategy with which to safeguard the interests of the company via the appropriate paths. 


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