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Reducing the risks of change order disputes in construction

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Construction Law

Large-scale construction projects can prove hectic in nature and there may be various types of issues that could disrupt or delay operations. In some cases, situations that arise could prompt a need for change orders, but there might be no guarantee that this will not lead to conflict. While change order disputes remain unfortunately common in this industry, there may be a variety of steps construction companies in New York can take to help reduce the risks of such concerns. 

Change orders can affect project schedules in various ways and sometimes the presence of such requests could create tension between the parties involved in a project. Some ways to reduce the risks of conflict may include: 

  • Scope definition:  Taking a thorough approach to defining the scope of a project before initiating operations can be integral to protecting company interests and reducing the risks of conflict. 
  • Agreements in writing:  Should the need for change orders arise, putting agreements in writing may be imperative, as verbal agreements might not prove legally binding. 
  • Thorough documentation:  Maintaining thorough documentation of project tasks and potential concerns may also be integral to staving off risks, or to prepare to protect company interests should conflict arise. 

Poor communication is another type of issue that could increase the risks of conflict and taking steps to improve this aspect of operations could be vital to staving off disputes. 

Unfortunately, sometimes there may be little construction companies can do to keep change order disputes at bay. When similar issues arise, companies in New York might choose to consult with legal counsel for advice in thoroughly addressing their situations and options. An attorney work with a client in preparing to address the issues at hand and in creating a strategy with which to pursue an outcome that best aligns with the interests of the company. 


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