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What might prompt breach of contract claims in construction?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | Construction Law

Many construction projects may be large-scale operations that employ the services of various parties. While the contract for a construction project may include terms regarding various aspects of operations, is it always feasible to expect every party to adhere to this agreement? There may be numerous types of scenarios in which breach of contract claims may arise in this industry. Construction companies in New York that face such challenges may have questions about their options and the steps to take to protect their endeavors. 

A breach of contract may occur when one party involved in a construction project fails to uphold its end of the agreement. A few examples of issues that might prompt such disputes could include: 

  • Failure to comply:  Similar disputes may arise if one party is accused of failing to perform tasks in accordance with contractual requirements. This could include deviating from project plans or using low inadequate project materials. 
  • Project delays:  Project delays could also lead to breach of contract claims, especially if a party is accused of exhibiting poor project planning or inadequate scheduling practices. 
  • Poor performance:  Allegations of poor performance could also trigger intense disputes. This could include anything from defective work to poor workmanship. 

Payment disputes could prompt intense disputes and breach of contract claims stemming from similar issues can be highly complex matters. 

This may only be a few examples of issues that could prompt breach of contract claims in construction. The presence of such disputes could leave all parties involved in search of advice in evaluating their situations and available legal options. Companies in New York that face such challenges and wish to protect their futures could consider retaining the services of an attorney for guidance in navigating the subsequent process. 


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