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Good news for business owners facing denied insurance claims

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2023 | Insurance Disputes

Most business owners purchase insurance to mitigate risks regarding their companies and property. It can feel like a betrayal when the agency that is supposed to provide insurance against such risks denies a claim that is filed for protection. The good news is that there are often ways to resolve such issues.

Find out why your business insurance claim was denied.

First, don’t panic. Many business insurance claims are denied, sometimes for no good reason at all. If your claim was denied, review the denial notice to determine the reason the carrier refused your claim. It may be as simple as submitting additional paperwork. However, the reason your insurance company provides may be unfounded. Perhaps the carrier states your claim exceeds the company’s coverage limit or that it is not covered by your policy. The insurance agent may say you filed the claim too late or they suspect it was filed for fraudulent purposes. There are several other reasons why a claim might be denied. Just don’t give up if your business claim is denied.

For many, the first step of pushing back is just the beginning.

What business owners can do when facing insurance claim denials

In New York, insurance coverage disputes are common, and business owners should see support from legal counsel. Many legitimate claims are wrongfully denied. You just need to know when to push back and how hard. Your attorney may be able to resolve the dispute without going to court – using an alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration – but you should be prepared to take the claim to court to get the resolution you deserve.


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