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Some construction disputes could stem from lack of communication

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2023 | Construction Law

Finding ways to reduce the risks of conflict can be a vital component of smoothing out operations and protecting company interests during every stage of a construction project. However, this might not always prove easy, as construction disputes can arise under various scenarios. Knowing the types of challenges that could stem from lack of communication could help companies in New York prepare to stave of disputes or prepare to seek guidance on their options should conflict arise. 

Poor communication 

Studies indicate that lack of communication could create numerous types of risks on a project site. For instance, poor communication regarding the scope of the project could lead to confusion about project expectations and responsibilities. This could also increase the risks that changes to the initial scope may arise, which can create tension and conflict between the parties involved in a project. 

Poor communication can also lead to challenges in scheduling and budgeting for a project. Similar issues could also increase the risks of costly delays or lead to disagreements over project costs. Experts also indicate that lack of communication regarding project expectations could also lead to greater risk of disputes over the quality of workmanship. 

Construction disputes 

While there may be steps companies can take to help reduce the risks that poor communication may prompt intense construction disputes, it might not always be possible to prevent conflict altogether. Companies in New York that encounter similar challenges could choose to retain the services of an attorney for guidance in addressing their situations and options. An attorney can help a company prepare to seek the best resolution possible via the proper channels and provide insight on ways to protect against similar concerns in the future.


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