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Current copyright laws to be reviewed by Congress

On Behalf of | May 7, 2013 | Intellectual Property

For years, copyright laws in the United States have allowed residents of New York and beyond who have created things, to protect and be compensated for their creative works. As technologies change and the way creative works are shared has simplified, most would agree the current copyright laws have not kept up. Recognizing there is a problem, the individual at the helm of the US Copyright Office recently requested that Congress take a stab at addressing the matter.

The ability to protect one’s work and even reap the benefits of another’s use of such work is the cornerstone of the concept of copyright protection. While this is of course important for those who create certain works, it becomes even more important in business when the success or failure of the company depends on how and when creative work is used.

In addition to providing creators, or those in legal possession of the creative work, the power to control how the work is used, copyright also provides the opportunity for them to receive compensation when the work is used. The system currently in place was created during the time in which creative works were not as easily accessible as they now are. In that regard the internet has been a game changer, with such works being available to all potentially with the click of a mouse.

The Chairman of the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee indicated that he is receptive to the request. Accordingly, congress will undertake a review of the current US copyright laws. The goal of the review is to ascertain what is still applicable. Presumably after the review, potential changes will be discussed.

Source: The Verge, “House Judiciary Chairman plans comprehensive review of US copyright law,” Sean Hollister, April 24, 2013


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