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Do I have to wear a medical device provided by an employer?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Employment Law

As an employee, you depend on each and every one of your coworkers to keep the wheels on the wagon for your operation. Many businesses looking to strengthen their core teams are now offering employees a variety of wearable devices that can help improve overall health and performance, but not all employees are ready to get on board with wearable medical devices, known as wearables.

An employer who offers employees tools to help them take good care of themselves is not only altruistic, it makes good business sense. Healthier employees generally perform at higher levels of excellence than sick or injured employees, after all. However, there are definitely limits to what an employer can require in the workplace. Even if an employer incentivizes you as an employee to use wearable health care devices, the employer cannot require you to do so as a qualification of your employment. Employees must use wearables voluntarily, in general.

However, employees who make the most of employer-provided wearables may potentially avoid a number of lost time conditions, and generally create a healthier, more vibrant workplace. Wearables can help individuals improve their posture, diet and exercise habits, among other things. Some insurers may even offer certain discounts if a large enough percentage of a workforce voluntarily uses wearables in the workplace.

If you believe that your employer is unfairly placing requirements on your behavior in the workplace, it is important to speak to an attorney who can advise you of your rights. Even a well-meaning employer should not overstep its bounds when it comes to an employee’s personal decisions.

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