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What are the basic rights of New York employees?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Employment Law

The United States as a nation was built by the hard work of our forebears. Today, the prosperity of America is dependent upon those who continue the tradition of exchanging labor and services for a fair wage. This system works very well when all parties do their part. However, some employers take advantage of their workers by denying them even the most basic rights. This is just as true in New York as it is in other American states.

Worsening the problem, many employees do not know their rights and may not recognize violations. Fortunately, the government keeps track of worker rights and employment law so that you are able to find out if you are being mistreated in your workplace. It is also beneficial to understand that an employment law attorney can help you identify possible violations if you feel you suffer from mistreatment at work.

It is true that employment law is always subject to change, but two things remain the same even if the law should undergo modifications.

  1. You are entitled to certain rights in your workplace
  2. You are entitled to pursue a legal solution if an employer violates your rights

One of your best tools in combating employee mistreatment is knowing what basic rights you have as a worker. These rights include:

  • Freedom from discrimination or harassment at work
  • Personal data confidentiality (e.g. medical information)
  • Receiving a wage that is equal to the work you provide
  • Freedom from employer or coworker retaliation when reporting an employment law violation
  • Reasonable attempts to accommodate a disability or a religious belief

A violation of your worker rights is also a violation of the nation’s employment law. The justice system empowers you to hold your employer responsible when any such violations occur.


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