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Common employee wage complaints

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2019 | Employment Law

When employees start a new job, it’s safe to say that they spend a fair amount of time thinking about their wages. Is that salary enough to pay the bills? Do they like the idea of earning overtime pay? How does the pay compare to similar jobs, especially when considering a total compensation package that may also include things like investments, health insurance benefits and much more?

As such, when something goes wrong with the pay, they’re very quick to complain. They count on those bi-weekly paychecks. They depend on getting every last cent and getting it on time. Some of the most common complaints include:

  • Not getting paid as much as they were entitled to for a set period
  • Not getting paid extra for overtime when they deserved it
  • Not getting paid properly for their vacation time
  • Not getting paid on time at all
  • Being paid differently than other employees

These complaints must be taken very seriously. Yes, mistakes happen. It may be an issue with the payroll system that failed to issue a check on time. But employers cannot just ignore these complaints or fail to work with the employees to sort it out. Above all else, they must never allow these issues to happen intentionally as some sort of system to cut costs by delaying payments or withholding money that is owed. That, first and foremost, is the legal responsibility of every company.

Do you think that your employer treated you unfairly and did not pay you properly? If so, it is critical that you look into all of your legal options.


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