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Finding Cost-Effective Resolutions In And Out Of Court

While having a proven trial lawyer on your side can be essential when you are engaged in a business dispute or other legal controversy, it can be equally or more important to work with a firm offering in-depth knowledge of all forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Simply stated, the total costs of taking any complex commercial litigation matter all the way through trial can be staggering. The best path to a positive conclusion is often one of the following:

  • Out-of-court negotiation efforts directly between the opposing parties and their attorneys
  • Mediation of the dispute by a neutral party — typically a mutually acceptable certified mediator with extensive legal knowledge and training in dispute resolution techniques
  • Arbitration in an official or independent forum, a process of having an arbitrator decide in favor of one party or the other and delivering a decision that may be binding or nonbinding

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP (CPS&S), we present our U.S. and international clients with all viable options for resolving disputes — and, as many of our case successes demonstrate, we are frequently able to deliver positive results aligned with our clients’ goals outside any courtroom.

Extensive Experience Reaching Resolution Through Mediation and Arbitration

Whether your legal matter must be settled in arbitration, lends itself to a mediated settlement or ultimately requires a trial in court, you will benefit from the knowledge and balanced views of New York City ADR attorneys with deep experience including:

  • Far-reaching experience in mediation forums across our legal practice areas, arbitral tribunals in foreign nations and a range of other ADR settings
  • Service as an arbitrator and panel chairman under the authority of the American Arbitration Association
  • Thought leadership as lecturers, authors and educators on techniques and nuances of the various forms of alternative dispute resolution

Contact Our Manhattan Attorneys for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Trial in state, federal or international court is rarely the only available means of settling a dispute. At CPS&S, we offer focused, personalized guidance that balances our clients’ goals and risks, always with an eye to the financial and other costs of litigation. For comprehensive counsel on selecting and properly preparing for the best method of dispute resolution, request an exploratory consultation online today, or call us at 646-355-1648 to discuss your needs.